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Danny "the bluefin slayer" in action with a SCR

How is a Sasaki Custom Rod made?  

1.  We must first begin with the blank, the core of the rod.  The blank will determine the action you desire.  What type of fishing are you going to be doing?  Freshwater or saltwater?  What pound line are you going to be using?  Live bait or lures? 

2.  Once we have chosen a blank, we need to decide on what type of grips do you want?  Hypalon? EVA?  Cork?  Size and length will depend on personal preference and genetics.   

3.  Decide on a color scheme.  What are your colors? 

4.  Pick your guides.  What kind of insert?  Color?   

5.  We are now ready to begin building.  First we must find the spine of the blank.  This is a crucial step as we do not want the rod to twist in your hands when you are pulling on a fish. 

6.  Butt cap, grips, reel seat, and windcheck are all glued into place.

7.  Properly align and space the guides.  Wrap all guides and decorative base wrap in chosen color thread and seal with color preserver.  All guides to be triple wrapped unless otherwise specified.

8.  Apply 2-3 coats of finish on all wraps, sign and label with customer name and blank information. 







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